Top Myths About Demolition

Jun 26, 2023

Every industry has its misconceptions, but the myths surrounding the demolition industry seem to be far-reaching and widely believed. The fact is that the demolition industry is actually very safe and has many benefits. In this blog, the team at Triple M Demolition (TMD) will dispel some of the top myths about demolition.

Myth #1: Demolition Is Dangerous & Chaotic

Demolition jobs are very carefully calculated and orchestrated. We take safety very seriously and do not underestimate the everyday risks associated with the work we do. Every job is assessed, scoped, and stamped by an engineer, where required, to ensure that the demolition goes smoothly and safely. In addition, all of TMD’s crews have extensive knowledge and training in working at heights, in confined spaces, and handling specialized machinery and dangerous substances.

Myth #2: Anyone Can Demolish A Building

Demolition experts are hired for their expertise and precision. As you can imagine, demolition jobs can be massive in scale and involve many moving parts like working in operational buildings, hazardous abatement, controlled explosions, and other high-risk circumstances.

Moreover, at TMD, our hiring practices are very detailed. Our demolition crews are hired and assigned work that is in line with their unique skills and training. Our crews are also constantly training and upgrading their skills to improve and keep up with changing industry standards.

Myth #3: Demolition Is Bad For The Environment

At TMD, we work with approved recycling facilities to repurpose, recycle, and resell material. Facilities such as: Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal for the recycling and repurpose of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are demolished on our jobs, and Aevitas for lighting and oil recycling. Construction debris is recycled at waste management facilities. We work to get these materials to a source that will repurpose and sell them, or use them to create new materials. Repurposing scrapped materials actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves energy, and preserves finite natural resources.

Myth #4: Demolition Destroys Historic Buildings

In many cases, demolition contractors are hired to work on restoration projects that save and help update historical buildings. Our careful ability to conduct selective demolitions ensures that only specific parts of the building are demolished, while maintaining the structural integrity of the rest.

At TMD, we make your construction jobs easier. We have a strong safety record and a reputation for leaving job sites neat and tidy. We’re also available to help with permit applications and emergency response. If you have questions about our services, please reach out to us here.