Permit Applications

As an industry leader in the demolition industry, Triple M Demolition can assist with all aspects of the demolition process — including permit applications.


If you are planning any type of demolition project in Ontario, you will need to consider what types of permit will be necessary prior to starting your project. The process of getting approval for permits can be time-consuming and challenging to navigate, especially if you are not familiar with the regulations in your area.


At Triple M Demolition, our team will work with you to apply for and process any permits required for your demolition work. We can also provide assistance for public and private locates for pipes and utility lines on your property.

Depending on the municipality where you are planning your project, you may require different types of permits to legally complete the job. Our team is here to help to make sure that your demolition project stays on track and does not encounter any setbacks during the application process.

We can assist you with applications for:

  • Demolition permits
  • Excavation permits
  • Environmental permits
  • Regional permits
  • And more 

Get in contact with one of our qualified team members to begin the process of applying for your permit today.


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