Environmental Abatement

Triple M Demolition is fully-trained and certified in the safe and effective removal of harmful materials from your site.


The presence of harmful materials on your property can be a major issue that may lead to physical harm, occupational health and safety concerns, and a range of liability issues. Whether you are aware of existing hazards that need to be removed or you just want to perform an assessment, the experts at Triple M Demolition are here to help.

Our team will perform an in-depth site assessment to verify what harmful materials are present on your property, then provide a plan for their safe and effective removal. Upon completion of the project, all materials will be disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner and you will be left with a healthier space.


At Triple M Demolition, we have a streamlined process that ensures the proper removal and disposal of harmful materials. Our team is fully-trained and certified in the removal of a range of harmful materials, including:

  • Asbestos 
  • Lead
  • Mould
  • PCBs 
  • Mercury
  • And more 

Prior to beginning a removal, our team will perform a risk assessment and identify the appropriate removal approach. The extent of the harmful material exposure will determine the methods required to safely remove and dispose of the material.

Throughout the process, health and safety is our number one priority. All of our team members participate in extensive health and safety training and hold the required certifications to perform the job in a safe and professional manner.

We can provide environmental abatement services for commercial properties, industrial facilities, and more. Contact our team today to request a site assessment.


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