Demolition Spotlight: 3 Unique Jobs

Nov 9, 2022

At Triple M Demolition Inc., we aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. Every job that we work on presents an opportunity for us to use safe creativity to think outside the box. Sometimes this means that we are required to use special equipment, implement additional health and safety precautions, and look at things from a different perspective to accomplish difficult projects.

In this blog, Demolition Spotlight: 3 Unique Jobs, we are excited to share three of our most interesting projects. Some of these involve working in extreme conditions where the safety of our team and the public were our biggest priority.

Demolition in Operational Buildings

Yonge & Eglinton Centre

TMD was contracted for the Yonge & Eglinton Centre expansion in Toronto. Demolition in operational buildings often requires extra safety measures, and this particular job required removing large concrete precast panels weighing over 6 tonnes each over skylights that were located above an active food court.

Yone Eglinton Centre Demolition

Our crew operated 65’ boom lifts with very little space to manoeuvre along a main pedestrian traffic artery to and from the mall. As you can imagine, this type of work required extreme caution and attention to detail.

Yonge Eglinton Centre Demolition

Slag Pelletizer

Our team was contracted to remove the old structure on a pelletizer line. A pelletizer line involves a blast furnace where limestone, iron ore, and coke are fused together to create molten iron, referred to as slag. After the slag is cooled, it flows into a machine where it’s hit with water and immediately chilled, expanded, and pelletized.

Our job was to remove the roof, walls, siding, columns, and lean-to of the building while the operation of the molten hot pelletizer line was active beneath us. To make this happen, we tied the old structure to the new structure using cables to hold it up while we carefully pieced it apart to avoid collapse.

Under these extremely hot conditions, we monitored our crew’s hydration levels. The demolition team wore carbon monoxide detectors while working and actively communicated at set intervals to ensure their safety at all times.

Molten lava on TMD job site job site photo of working conditions

Bridge Demolition Over Live Traffic

James Street Bridge

Our team was contracted to remove the bridge deck that connected traffic over an active railway line and vehicle traffic. There were many challenges on this particular job. Maintaining the structural stability of all the active components along the bridge, which included fibre optic and electrical lines. This required our team to chip and remove the concrete by hand, so as not to disturb or damage these active lines.

TMD workers on bridge

As the bridge had one lane open for vehicle traffic, we maintained the existing reinforcement in the concrete so that the new concrete bridge could be connected to the existing bridge ensuring a proper bond.

photo of TMD bridge job photo of workers on TMD bridge job

In addition, located across the street from our site was a popular heritage banquet hall. We took great care to ensure that dust and debris were minimal and didn’t impact this site.

Given all these obstacles, we were successful and completed our work without any railway delays.

At Triple M Demolition, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We’ve got a large, experienced team with a varied skill set to suit any project.

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